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Collected Amount in the account of Somalia Aid Campaign 28 May 2013

(October 26, 2011)

Collected Money As Of The Date Of 26 October 2011

Collected All Money on the Accounts: 526.100.000 Turkish Liras

Collected Money by AFAD: 119.500.000 Turkish Liras

Collected Money by Directorate of Religious Affairs including 67.500.000 Turkish Liras collected by Turkish Religious Foundation: 205.000.000 Turkish Liras

Other Campaigns: 201.600.000 Turkish Liras

U.S Dollars and Euro accounts were calculated by daily exchange rate of Central Bank Of Turkey.

Humanitarian aid, weighted at 22.000 tones, valued at 67 million Turkish Liras carried by 11 aircrafts and 8 ships have been sent to Somalia in coordination of AFAD.

Total aid money reached 87 million Turkish Liras including transportation, distribution, security services and other expenses.

AFAD thanks to all agencies, institutes and charitable Turkish people granted compensation for the Somalian people.

Hereby respectfully announced to the public.

Press and Public Relations Consultancy

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