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Suriye1Today, nearly 3 million Syrian with diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds live in Turkey under the “temporary protection status” regarding to the “1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees”. Now, Turkey is the largest refugee hosting community in the world.

Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) is a coordinating body for humanitarian needs of Syrians in Turkey since the onset of the crisis.

With the measures have been taken swiftly in order to shelter displaced people from Syria, temporary protection centres (TPCs) have been established, especially near the Syrian border. Turkey is currently hosting about 260 thousand Syrian immigrants in 26 TPCs that have been established and managed in 10 provinces for more than four years.

We provide accommodation, food, health, education and other humanitarian needs as much as possible. We mobilize all our resources and capabilities to provide for the needs of those people, in a sense of responsibility as a member of the international community.

AFAD developed standards which are higher than the international ones, for the construction and management of TPCs in order to meet all humanitarian needs of our Syrian guests. Within the scope of this system, the educational activities are provided by the Ministry of National Education; healthcare services are offered by the Ministry of Health; security activities are carried out by the Ministry of Interior and other services are coordinated by relevant ministries and local authorities. Turkey does not only provide temporary protection for Syrians in Turkey, but also prepares them for the post-crisis period.

These TPCs are managed in a systematic approach starting with biometric records of individuals and emergency aid. For this purpose Disaster Temporary City Management System (AFKEN) is developed by AFAD. AFKEN allows the needs of the victims of a disaster to be addressed in a more focused way, assisting in the administration of temporary refuge facilities, such as container or tent cities, established for the temporary housing of victims of disasters or extraordinary circumstances. The AFKEN Project won the UN Public Services Award.

As the World’s 2rd largest and in terms of percentage of national income most generous donor country according to Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2016, Turkey is trying to do more than its share in alleviating the suffering of Syrian people.