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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

International Day for Disaster Reduction marked by special events at AFAD 13 October 2017

Primary school children joined special events at AFAD HQ on the occasion of the 13th October International Day for Disaster Reduction.

In line with the Sendai Framework and Sendai Seven Campaign, this year’s theme focuses on "Home Safe Home” Reducing Exposure, Reducing Displacement", reflected from the Sendai Framework Target B: Substantially reduce the number of people affected globally by 2030, aiming to lower the average global figure per 100,000 in the decade 2020-2030 compared to the period of 2005-2015.

The aim of the first event at AFAD HQ was to increase awareness of primary school children. AFAD has invited children from many schools to show them how they can reduce the disaster risks and what they need to do in disasters. The students experienced entertaining activities such as earthquake simulation room, disaster painting exhibition and Karagöz-Hacivat games.

The second event, a high-level panel has been organised jointly by AFAD and ECO Secretariat at which participants from the UN, ECO and AFAD attended. During the panel, the participants expressed their thoughts concerning “International Day for Disaster Reduction”. All participants agreed to increase cooperation on Disaster Risk Reduction projects and activities in order to reduce the disasters and also increasing the awareness.

Meanwhile in July 15 Martyrs’ Kizilay Square, center of Ankara, people experienced disasters at mobile disaster simulation trucks and were invited to AFAD stands.

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