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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Baby “Afad” 1 year old 01 February 2018

Yavuz family living in the Ayvacık district of the Çanakkale province named their child who was born 14 days after February 6, 2017  earthquake measuring 5.3 after AFAD.

Today, we visited baby Afad who was named after our institution. :)

Grandfather Şerafettin Yavuz, 69, who named the fifth child of ŞabAn and Söylemez Yavuz couple as Afad Yavuz said during his statement to journalists that he named the youngest child of the couple as “Afad” inspired by his feelings during and at the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake.

Yavuz said that he retired 18 years ago and started to live next door to his son and went on to say the following;

"Last year, my daughter-in-law was pregnant. Earthquakes took place on the last days of her pregnancy. The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) teams were here to help us. AFAD teams took care of everything including providing us shelter and food and helped us. They helped people. My grandson was born amidst the tremors during a rainy and cold day. We started to ponder on what name we should give to this child. Then, I told my son that AFAD helped all villagers during hard times and asked him to name his son after AFAD. He did not refuse my wish and named him Afad.”

Meanwhile, AFAD Provincial Director Levent Yılmaz pointed out that the baby was born 14 days after the earthquake.

Pointing out that the family named their son “Afad” as they were impressed with the hard work performed by the AFAD teams, Yılmaz said, “He is the sweetest child in the world. We have learnt that they have named their son after our institution 3-4 months after the earthquake. We were dealing with improvement works, then. Today, we are here to visit the baby. We are happy to learn that a baby is named after AFAD. When we had asked the children of the region during our rescue work in the district about what they want to be when they grow up, they were telling us that they would work for AFAD. This made us extremely happy.”

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