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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Administrative Structure


Performing annual training program of Education Center and the activities about executing the program.

Administration and Financing

Procuring needed goods and services to give the best service for the trainees in the courses in Education Center.

Branch Groups

There are some branch groups consisting of teachers to prepare, update, evaluate lecture notes in defiance of method, content, time about given courses in Disaster and Emergency Education Center.

1. Search and Rescue Group
2. Chemical-Biological-Radiologic-Nuclear Group
3. Fire Group
4. Basic Disaster Awareness Group
5. Planning Group
6. Regulations Group
7. Psycho-Social Services Group

Council of Teachers

Council of teachers consist of the teachers appointed in Education Center. Teachers discuss content, subject, time of courses which will be opened and make a decision about them. The council holds evaluation meetings in education period and they make advisory decisions for the next periods.