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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Agenda of the Earthquake Symposium: New Earthquake Map and Constructions Regulation 07 March 2018

The Earthquake Symposium organized by AFAD on the occasion of Earthquake Week between March 1-7 was held with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ.

The symposium began with the keynote speeches of the Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Head of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) Hamza Taşdelen, Turkish Disasters Insurance Pool (DASK) Chairman Murat Kayacı ve AFAD Earthquake Department Chairman Dr. Murat Nurlu.

Prof. Akdağ noted during his speech that Turkey is located on an earthquake zone and expressed his belief that this symposium will enhance the ability of Turkey to respond to earthquakes in Turkey and other countries in the region.

Stressing that there are studies in order to reduce the material damage and casualties of earthquakes, Akdağ stated, “Turkey took important steps in this effort especially in the last 15 years. We had sad experiences. The heartbreaking Marmara earthquake is still fresh in our memories. We have lost thousands of people there. Moreover, we were late to respond and save lives. AK Party governments learned from these past experiences. The essential and first principle about what has to be done before, during and after the earthquake is establishing and maintaining good coordination.”

Akdağ underlined that the first 72 hours is the most important period during earthquakes and similar disasters adding that the correct distribution of logistics during the response period to earthquakes and availability of trained human resources are as important as quick response.

Noting that the new earthquake regulation includes new details, Akdağ added, “It is a regulation that does not introduce a great transformation in the existing earthquake regulation, it just eliminates the shortcomings of the existing one; it is a revision that includes buildings that require earthquake insulation like wooden and tall buildings and similar subjects about the characteristics of insulation.”

Akdağ stated that 48% of buildings in Turkey have DASK insurance and called on people to insure their homes.

Reminding that the annual DASK insurance is only TL 100, Akdağ stressed that efforts are needed to raise awareness about this issue.

Akdağ said that Romania, Azerbaijan, Albania, Georgia, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan have participated in the symposium and noted that an International Earthquake Data Sharing Protocol will be signed between these countries adding that he hoped that the number of these countries will increase soon.

Participants also received information about the new “Earthquake Danger Map of Turkey” and “Turkey Building Earthquake Regulation” that will come into force after a short period of time.

Earthquake Data Sharing Protocol between 7 countries

Following the keynote speeches, Simultaneous Earthquake Data Sharing Protocol was signed between AFAD and Romania, Azerbaijan, Albania, Georgia, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan.

The protocol will provide contribution to delegate Turkey to be the regional center while announcing earthquake data.

The symposium ended with the panel entitled, “Are we ready for the unexpected?” and chaired by AFAD Earthquake Department Chairman Dr. Murat Nurlu.




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