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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority


VanGiris1We Worked Together For Van...

The state, private sector and citizens worked all together and have done everything that can be done in a disaster with great coordination and cooperation and in a spirit of solidarity. When the earthquake strikes; the ministries, public organizations and institutions and together with the NGOs successfully accomplished their tasks and did their utmost efforts to help in the disaster.

We Have Become One...

All public organizations and institutions and citizens from all walks of life, who had been active in the disaster area, worked not only with the notion of doing their job, but with motivation and spirit that takes it powers from the tradition of cooperation and solidarity, and they still working. Our nation has shown a great example of coordination and spirit of solidarity by helping our brothers in Van. Turkey, mobilized all of its sources for Van and its people.

VanGiris2Wounds are healed with great speed...

More than 175 thousands citizens were accommodated in total 35 container city, 31 in center of Van and 4 in Erciş. This number is greater than our 50 cities. Every container includes 2 rooms, bathroom and a toilet to serve our fellow citizens in Van until they receive their permanent houses which will be built by the state.

Our Goal was to build even a more beautiful Van, And We Believe We Succeeded...

VanGiris3We succeeded in our main goals such as: accommodate our citizens in their newly built houses with the great support of affiliated public organizations and institutions, recover the economic losses after the earthquake and rebuild the economic life in Van, complete the rebuilding of the razed or damaged shops and business centers, granting loans to our farmers and business owners, recreate culturally, socially and economically an exemplary Van.

As We Promised...

The delivering of the newly built houses in Van has started before the first anniversary of the earthquake. In 23 October 2012, the date which marks the first anniversary of the earthquake, 15.341 new residents were built in Van city center and Erciş and were handed out to beneficiaries by drawing lots. An additional 2.148 residents, which had been tendered, will also be completed and will be given to the beneficiaries in the next term.

VanGiris5“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Our President H.E. Mr. Abudllah GÜL, Our Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Our Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Beşir ATALAY, The Governor of Van and he’s staff, who works in close coordination with Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management of which I am it’s Director-General, The Director General of TOKİ (Housing Development Agency) Mr. A. Haluk KARABEL and he’s staff, all my personnel who works diligently without counting their working hours, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Directorates, all ministries, public organizations and institutions, and also to the private sector and all NGOs, especially Red Crescent, who cooperate with us closely, to international community who do not leave us alone in the disaster, to our brothers and sisters in Van and all Turkey for their support and trust in our efforts to restore earthquake-damaged Van, one of the most unique corners in our country, to its former beauty."

Dr. Fuat OKTAY
Director General of AFAD