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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

About Van Earthquake

VanHakkinda1Earthquakes centered Van-Ercis occured in 23th October 2011 and centered Van-Erdemit in 9th November 2011; are very strongly felt in Van and its districts. Those earthquakes caused devastating damage due to the building stock and led to the loss of many lives. In 23th October and 9th November earthquakes, totally 644 citizens lost their lives, 1.966 citizens injured and 252 citizens were rescued from the debris alive.

Dead and Injured Report

Citizens who lost their lives 644
Injured citizens 1.966
Citizens who were rescued from debris alive 252

Two consecutive devastating earthquakes and aftershocks

VanHakkinda2According to data from the National Seismological Observation Network operated by the Prime Minister AFAD, the amount of energy released by the earthquake was fairly large. It was recorded that the energy formed by the main shock in 23th October is equal to 33.2 times the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and when taking into account the aftershocks occured, that has been released to 37 atomic bombs.

Also, the number of 4.0-4.9 magnitude earthquakes in the region in the first week was 187. The number of earthquakes greater than 5 magnitude was 13. In the first month an everage of 180 aftershock have been occured everyday in the region. Up to date more than 11.000 aftershocks have been occured.

The Statement of the Earthquake

Earthquakes centered Van- Erciş and Van-Edremit on 23th October 2011 and 9th November, caused devastating damage due to the building stock of the region and led to the loss of many lives. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan supported citizens from the first moment. On the day of the earthquake, Prime Mİnister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and a large number of Minister visited the region to examine the studies and visited to support our citizens.

Rapid Response from AFAD

VanHakkinda3In accordance to the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Beşir ATALAY in the first moments of the earthquake, AFAD, charged Civil Defence Search and Rescue directorates and search and rescue teams from 11 provinces, public organizations and civil society organizations teams in the region. Teams of nearby provinces have been delivered by highway and distant location teams have been delivered by airway through the region.

Under the presidency of Deputy Prime Minister Beşir ATALAY, a coordination meeting assembled and overall assessments made with the participation of Prime Minister Undersecretary, Turkish General Staff and senior executives from other relevant ministeries and Res Crescent in the Center Building of Prime Minister’s. After the meeting, search - rescue and medical teams chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Atalay visited the area.