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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

24/7 For Van

First 72 Hours: The Golden Hours For Search & Rescue in Disasters
VanIcın1Working on a basis of 24/7, Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency Headquarter has started has started to perform coordination works more efficiently on national level by strengthening itself with talented personnel and latest equipment. Additionally, on a local level, a disaster and emergency centre were also formed in the Governorship of Van. First 72 hours in disaster can be named as Golden Hours. Therefore, search and rescue operations were started off speedily with good number of personnel and necessary equipment and tools. Using the power of our state, the transfer of temporary accommodation and humanitarian aid supplies were also began simultaneously.
VanIcın2Aids In First 6 Hours:
Search & Rescue Personnel 903
UMKE and Medical Teams 159 Personnel + 7 Teams
Construction Vehicles and Other Vehicles 192
Ambulance 40 ( 5 air ambulances )
Search & Rescue Dog 9
Tent 2.471
Blanket 7.046
Food Aid Package 1.120
Food Aid Parcel 10.040
Plenty of Launch Boxes  
Aids In First 24 Hours:
Search and Rescue Personnel 2.522
UMKE and Medical Teams 699
Construction Vehicles and Other Vehicles 384
Ambulance 113 (7 air ambulances)
Search Dog 12
General Chief Staff Planes 16
Turkish Airlines Planes 10
Generator 33
Portable Toilet 95
Tent 8.544
Blanket 25.229
Food Aid Package 1.120
Food Aid Parcel 10.064
Portable Kitchen 21
Kitchen Kit 2.619
Heater 3.812
Sleeping Bag 425
We Were in Van from the Very First Moment
After the two earthquakes occurred in Van, Civil Defence Search and Rescue Directorates in 11 provinces, search and rescue and first aid teams from 48 provinces and 39 organizations, various equipment and humanitarian aids were transferred into the are hastily by air with 80 Turkish Airlines, 76 military and 20 private cargo planes and also by land with various vehicles. Additionally, search and rescue teams, equipment and some other personnel were transferred with more than 300 Turkish Airlines scheduled flights.
VanIcın3Total Aids to Van:
Search and Rescue Personnel 5.267
Medical Personnel 2.976
Search & Rescue Dog 34
Construction Vehicles and Other Vehicles 732
Ambulance 201 (18 air ambulances)
Mobile Field Hospital 11
Generator 146
Projector 79
Portable Toilet and Shower Containers 151
Tent 76.802
General Purpose Tent 480
Prefabricated Homes 310
Mevlana Homes 3.794
Blanket 336.089
Quilt 1.940
Bed 2.007
Mobile Kitchen 37
Kitchen Kit 3.149
Heater 27.573
Sleeping Bag 7.192
Bed Chair 1.536
Mobile Bakery 1