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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

International Relief

The World stand with Van…

VanYardim1While search and rescue operations carried out by our teams was continuing, international community had reguested to sent tents, containers and prefabricated houses. Within the scope of international assistance; USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, France, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhistan, Ukrain, Egypt, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Syria, Sweden, Italy, England, Romania, Spain, Pakistan, Austuria, Jordan, Kırghizistan, Turkmenistan, Canada, Finland, Holland, Norway, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Malaysia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bulgaria, UNHCR and UN OCHA sent 29,222 tents, 250 prefabricated houses, 28 large capacity tents, 95,490 blankets, 147 living containers, 536 mattresses, 1,000 beds, 684 heaters and 40 generators in total to Turkey.