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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Tent Cities / Container Cities

Cadirkent113 tent cities were built in Van and Erciş

13 tent cities were built in Van and Erciş. Nearly 25.000 earthquake victim citizens were sheltered in these tent cities. Hot meal, hot water, wc and shower, social facilities, pre-school education, services of health, religious and psychological support were provided in tent cities. All tent cities were closed as of 15 January 2012 in Erciş and as of 15 February 2012 in Van and citizens were placed in container cities. Turkish Red Crescent collected tents that were given back by citizens, and stored them.

Citizens, transfered to other provinces

More than 35.000 citizens were transfered from disaster area, placed to public facilities through offices that organized in Governorship, and all requirements have been provided by state. This number of sheltering citizens exceeded 50.000 as a consequence of citizens’ applied to relevant Governorship who had been gone to various provinces through one’s own means.

Cadirkent2A clothing market that has served by 30 personnel, was built on 1.300m2 area

Clothing market that has served by 30 personnel, was built on 1.300m2 area for distributing of aid coordinately and regularly. Notably tent cities, more than 43.000 people of nearly 6.000 families provided clothing needs from this market.

Container cities

Nearly 30.000 containers were bought, which costed 420 million TL, for our citizens to live comfortably in winter.

Temporary Sheltering

VAN (Central) Container 24.014 147.319
VAN (Erciş) Container 5.472 27.751
Total 29.486 175.070

Cadirkent335 container cities were built (4 of them are in Erciş, 31 of them are in Van) and citizens were placed there. In containers, which consist of 2 rooms, barthroom, kitchen and wc, 175.000 citizens were sheltered.

All requirements of citizens were supplied in container cities. Basic needs (electricity, water,etc,..) of citizens were provided free in containers of which infrastructure had been set up by state. After Van earthquake electric bill of citizens in tent cities and container cities, that costed 150 million TL, was paid by AFAD. Blankets, beds, food and kitchen kit were distributed to Van Central container cities by Governorship of Van.