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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Damage Assessment Studies

Removal of Debris, Damage Assesment and Ownership of Right

HasarTespit1“Desicion of Effectiveness On The Overall Life” has made pursuant to evaluations comprising Van city, its villages and Erciş town and its villages. Desicion making has rendered possible disaster victims have easinesses and backing that subjects under discussion provides.

Removal of Debris

  • Safety-critical buildings had been demolished primarliy.
  • Demolishing of urgently needed 600 buildings had been completed in Van and Erciş.
  • Debris of people who have permission had been removed in villages.

About Removal of Debris in Van

Working on damage assesments that commenced on October 23, 2011 has proceeded throughout 4 months. Number of more than 1000 architects and construction engineers from diverse public institutions has taken charge in assesments.

Number of more than 200.000 houses, offices and barns had been checked over consideringly indoor and outdoor of constructions. Amount of damage had been assessed and recorded.

Scientific investigations on moderately damaged constructions are being continued to assess whether they will be repaired or not by Istanbul Technical University in Erciş and Yıldız Technical University, Sakarya University in Van.

Right Ownership and House Indebment in Van

HasarTespit2Legal duration which disaster stricken families have for house borrowing had initiated on January 25, 2012 and ended on March 24, 2012 in villages within the boundaries of Van and Erciş. Statutory period for house borrowing had started off on April 2, 2012 and expired on May 31, 2012 as for families that live in center of Erciş, Van.

Disaster victims had applied for house borrowing on the dates of April 30 – June 28, 2012 in 30 neighbourhood and 2 town of Van centre, Edremit district center, Edremit Çiçekli town and villages of Edremit. Van Governorship had demanded additional time afterwards AFAD had granted an extension of time as far as July 19, 2012. Applications of 33.663 disaster victims had been get and structured house borrowing for heavy and mediate damaged houses, offices and barns in Van central neighbourhoods in the duration. Regional Right Ownership Investigation Committee had reviewed house borrowing applications and determined right owner disaster victims.

HasarTespit3People who doesn’t recognize as right owner raised objections for acceptance their own as a right owner between July 30 – Agust 14, 2012 based on announcement in Erciş center. As a result of objection, number of right owners has increased by 350 people and reached 2.377 people. Announcement of right owners had made on the dates of Agust 15 – Agust 29, 2012. Number of right owner are 9.161.