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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Japanese Delegation Visits AFAD 30 November -1

Deputy Chairman of Japan-Turkey Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group İchiro Aisawa stated, "We had the opportunity to work more intensively with Turkey in recent years about the fight against natural disasters and emergency planning. Turkey is a very experienced country regarding disasters. We want to involve in information, experience and technology transfer between the two countries.”

Deputy Chairman of Japan-Turkey Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group Aisawa and deputies from Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party visited the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD). Head of AFAD Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu greeted the Japanese delegation at the AFAD building and gave information about the AFAD Earthquake Monitor and Disaster Coordination Center.

The Japanese delegation visited the Disaster Coordination Center that is securing communications between relief and aid offices and institutions in case of a possible major disaster in Turkey and received detailed information from Güllüoğlu. After visiting important centers in AFAD, Güllüoğlu and the Japanese delegation made a joint statement.

Expressing his appreciation about his visit to Japan that took place approximately 3 weeks ago, Güllüoğlu said he was happy to welcome the Japanese delegation at AFAD shortly after this visit.

Güllüoğlu stated that Turkey is happy to cooperate with Japan adding that, “We have conducted meetings with various different organizations in Japan. We hope to boost cooperation between Japan and Turkey”.

AFAD is the highest office responsible for disaster, said Güllüoğlu and added that his management has been carrying out projects and works for Syrian refugees for the last 7 years in addition to its mission concerning natural disasters.

Güllüoğlu explained that AFAD has handed over the management of refugee camps in Turkey to the Immigration Authority only two months ago and went on to say the following:

"Before the handover (management of refugee camps), we provided aid to the 3.5 million Syrians including more than 200 thousand Syrians living in camps in Turkey as well as more than one million Syrians living in the north of Syria, in the Euphrates Shield and Afrin region. More than 2 million people living in İblid region are sustaining a living thanks to the aid provided by Turkey.  AFAD continues its activities in technical disaster management as well as a humanitarian aid organization. “ Turkey and Japan carry their cooperation in the fight against disasters to a higher level Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of Japan-Turkey Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group Aisawa emphasized the developing cooperation between two countries in recent years and noted that both countries have common agendas especially about earthquakes and they could share experiences with each other.

Aisawa underlined the fact that Turkey has been showing close interest to the  problems of the world and is offering aid to war victims adding that, “I personally know and appreciate the fact that there are more than 3 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey. I believe that the whole world should also be aware of this fact.”

Meanwhile, a member of Japanese House of Representatives thanked Turkey for the hospitality of AFAD and noted that Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ and Head of AFAD Güllüoğlu had visited Tokyo earlier this month.

Koizumi said, “We have stated that Turkey and Japan had the opportunity to discuss cooperation about prevention of disaster projects during Akdağ’s visit.”

Noting that Turkey has important information and experience about natural disasters, Koizumi expressed his country’s gratitude to Turkey for its aid and support during killer earthquake in Japan.

Following the meeting, Head of AFAD Güllüoğlu gave a reproduced painting of “Gypsy Girl” portrait inspired from the mosaic excavated in Zeugma Antique City to the Japanese delegation.

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