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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Deputy Prime Minister Akdağ in Samsat 24 April 2018

Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ made an inspection tour in Adıyaman’s Samsat district in the aftermath of the earthquake measuring 5.1 according to Richter scale and said, “There are 75 heavily damaged buildings, 7 mildly damaged houses, 75 slightly damaged buildings in the district and two building have collapsed.”

Speaking to journalists at the Mobile Coordination Center established in the garden of the Samsat Local Administration, Akdağ stressed the fact that the earthquake did not claim any lives in the district center and neighboring villages.

Noting that some animals were trapped under a collapsed barn, Akdağ said that some of these were rescued by the AFAD teams.

Akdağ said that damage assessment and detection activities are continuing in the villages connected to the district adding that the teams already completed majority of the work.

Noting that 700 tents have been requested from the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and almost all these tents are already delivered, Akdağ made the following comments:

"Following the first damage assessment, we will continue to distribute tents. According to inspections completed until 14.16 o’clock, there are 75 heavily damaged buildings, 7 mildly damaged houses, 75 slightly damaged buildings in the district and two building have collapsed. It is interesting that the collapsed buildings were the ones that were evacuated after previous earthquakes.”

Noting that in addition to security measures, the Red Crescent teams are offering health services and distributing food packages, Akdağ said; “We have taken all measures in an effort to prevent any trouble in responding to water and food needs of our citizens. Meanwhile, teams of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies are here in the field to offer social and psychological support. At the moment, we have learned that 37 disaster victims have applied to hospitals. 15 of those have minor injuries while majority of them suffer from psychological trauma due to the earthquake.”

Akdağ underlined that no problems in communications and energy distribution were experienced in the region after the earthquake and conveyed messages of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım to the people of Samsat and the Adıyaman province.

Stating that the state and the government would offer relief to earthquake victims like always, Akdağ said that all kinds of measures were taken in order to prevent any problmes and the government has already started working on repairing or replacing damaged buildings.

Akdağ said that some public buildings are slightly damaged adding that; "Related technical teams are quickly making necessary assessments, these buildings will continue to give service to the people if they do not pose any danger. Like always the Ministry of Health has established a mobile hospital in the field. I want to express my wish that all of our citizens will recover in a short period of time. Of course, we did not want any material damage but we have found comfort to see that the earthquake did not claim any lives. No matter what the material damage is, the Republic of Turkey has the power to compensate any damage today like it has in the past.”

Answering a question, Akdağ said, “We will show necessary sensitivity to respond to the needs and heal the wounds of our people as soon as we complete the damage assessment. This is what our President ordered us to do.”

Tender for second 400 houses in on the way

 Answering a question concerning the construction of earthquake homes in the region, Akdağ said;

 "Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and AFAD have been working on the construction of permanent houses in Samsat. Construction of 403 homes of earthquake victims has already began. Actually, we have completed all preparations. We only have troubles with land allocations in villages. There are some buildings constructed on public properties and some of these properties are used for agricultural activities. These facts prevented quick development; they are all related to land allocation. We will build new buildings as soon as we solve this problem. In addition to the first 400 homes, second tender concerning the construction of another 400 homes will be held within a week. As soon as we complete damage assessment, we will take the necessary steps.”

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