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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

1.2 million dollar aid from Turkey to Gaza 30 May 2018

The Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has responded to the UN’s emergency health aid call for Gaza and donated 1.2 million dollars aid to the World Health Organization.
The 1.2 million dollar donation collected by AFAD was disbursed to Gaza after an agreement was signed between Erman Topcu, Turkey's charge d'affaires in Jerusalem, and Mahmoud Dahir, director of the WHO's office in Gaza.
Noting that the UN had requested urgent assistance following the incidents that took place at the Gaza border, Topçu said, “UN has asked for assistance from the international community by noting that the situation in the region has reached a level that any civilized country could not handle. We as Turkey immediately responded to the appeal by disbursing $1.2 million through AFAD.”
Hundreds of thousands of people will benefit from the donation
Topçu stated that the 1.2 million dollars donation was handed to the World Health Organization as part of the agreement adding that, “At least 165,000 Palestinian patients and people injured will directly benefit from this aid, while 350,000 others will be able to make use of it indirectly. As a result, this donation by our country which was transferred via AFAD will fulfill one of the most urgent needs of the region.”
"Donation right on time"
Meanwhile, Mahmoud Dahir, director of the WHO's office in Gaza thanked Turkey for its swift response to the UN’s appeal for aid.
Dahir said, “We have signed this aid agreement in the shadow of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and massive health problems have occurred due to this situation. The WHO announced it was in urgent need of $1.1 million to meet Palestine’s medical needs and Turkey responded in the nick of time with a $1.2-million donation. This donation is sent right on time.”
Noting that Turkey’s donation will meet the urgent needs and help to rehabilitate important problems experienced in health issues in Palestine, Dahir said, “Many people were injured during the recent violence in Gaza,” he said. “We hope this aid will mitigate the pain they feel.”


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