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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

We Did Not Abandon the Iraqi Turkmens 14 June 2018

Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has donated food baskets to the Iraqi Turkmen Families in Erbil who have been forced out of their homes and who need help.

Head of AFAD Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu met with Turkmen families who were forced to immigrate to Erbil after ISIS attacks that began in 2014. AFAD has reached out to a total of 87,100 people in need of aid with its recent food basket donations during Ramadan.

Visiting Erbil in order to participate in the aid and relief activities in the province, Dr. Güllüoğlu and an accompanying AFAD delegation as well as Turkey’s Consul General in Erbil Hakan Karaçay visited the Erbil Branch of the Iraqi Red Crescent.

After the visit, Head of AFAD Güllüoğlu personally participated in the distribution of food baskets at the Iraqi Red Crescent building.

Making a press statement to reporters after the program, Güllüoğlu said that AFAD has been actively involved in relief programs in Iraq in the aftermath of the attacks by the ISIS terror organization.

Güllüoğlu went on to say that; "Today, we are here to distribute food baskets in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent and our Consulate in Erbil .We have offered aid to more than 4 million people all over Iraq. Unfortunately, Iraq is a country that faces immigration problems in addition to its political issues.

We do not make religious, language, racial discrimination

Noting that AFAD aims at offering its helping hand to all people in need without making any religious, language and racial discrimination, Güllüoğlu said, "There are 4 thousand Yezidi families living in camps that we have founded in Duhok. And here today we are distributing food baskets to Turkmen families.

Güllüoğlu said that food and shelter needs of people in need of help should be offered and added:

"This period of the year is very hot, immigrants are struggling due to hot weather. We are trying to do our best. They still need aid and this is why we are continuing to offer our helping hand.”

Visit a Turkmen family

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Consul General in Erbil Hakan Karaçay who accompanied the AFAD delegation in the region pointed out that Ramadan is a month of blessing and fertility.

Karaçay underlined, "Turkey is a country that offers relief to all people in need without making any distinction due to religion, nationality, race and ethnical background. Within this context, we are here today to distribute food baskets provided by AFAD to Iraqi Turkmens with the help of the Red Crescent. I would like to thank AFAD for its aid.”

Following the food basket distribution, Head of AFAD Güllüoğlu and his delegation visited families in need residing at the outskirts of Erbil.

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