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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

AFAD’s First EU Project “Team – Up” Completed 01 October 2018

The two yearlong Technical Assistance to AFAD in Strengthening the Institutional Capacity and Improving Disaster and Emergency Management System Project supported within the context of Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) ended with a closing ceremony with the participation of Deputy Minister Mr. İsmail Çataklı.

Making the keynote speech, Project Director Adam Ivaszko expressed his appreciation by saying, “I believe that this project that we had started three years ago made an important contribution to Turkey in becoming more resistant to disasters and developing a more effective disaster management system. This project is the most special and original among other projects I carried out.”

 “Turkey, the Honor of International Community”

Speaking after Iwaszko, Project Team Leader Lorenzo Van Wijk made a presentation about the beginning, development and conclusion phases of the project. Van Wijk stressed that they had approached every activity with the intention of “How can we make more contributions to AFAD?”.

 Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the EU Legation in Turkey Gabriel Munuera Vinals said, “This project by prioritizing preparedness and risk reduction aims at turning Turkey into a disaster resistant country and contribution to the development of an effective disaster management system. Turkey became the pride and honor of the international community with its activities carried out for refugees.”

Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs İsmail Çataklı made the last speech of the closing ceremony and said that the project was designed and implemented with the goal of  enhancing the development of AFAD, stakeholder agencies and disaster management sector.

Çataklı stated training activities and guideline documents in many different fields were prepared within the framework of the project and working visits paid to the EU countries as a part of the project provided the opportunity to exchange information and experience.

42 Training Programs and 16 Workshops Were Organized

Noting that approximately 600 people had attended 42 training programs, 450 people had participated in 16 workshops and paid 5 working visits and internal inspection activity was held with the participation of 63 people within the context of the project Çataklı said, "One of the most important missions of AFAD is to encourage all related stakeholders for active participation to the disaster management process. There is no doubt that one of the most important successes that AFAD achieved within the framework of this project is the design of road map for enhancing cooperation between public, private sectors and non governmental organizations.”

 Çataklı stressed that a cooperation model and cooperation protocol drafts were prepared within the context of the project adding that, "The mentioned model and protocol defines working principles with agencies active in this field and provides the opportunity for more systematic cooperation."

Stating that AFAD planned its model based on the principle of developing a comprehensive approach to disaster management, Çataklı said, "AFAD will support the new system established as a part of this project with its own resources and international resources in the future”.

 Project achievements and important outcomes were shared with stakeholders during the closing ceremony participated by the international organizations, ambassadors of EU countries, ministry officials, representatives from civil society and private sector.

 “The goal is to enlist the active contribution of stakeholders to the disaster management process”

 Meanwhile, Deputy Head of AFAD İsmail Palakoğlu said during his speech at the closing ceremony that the cooperating ability of the authority is enchanced within the framework of these kinds of projects and activities adding that, “Many agencies and organizations that are with us today made important contributions. Cooperation is not only important during the times of disasters but also during all disaster cycles. The goal is to provide the active contribution of stakeholders to the disaster management process. AFAD has taken big steps in order to make its cooperation with the public, private sectors and nongovernmental organizations more systematic as a part of this project. In the future, existing cooperation activities of AFAD will be supported with our projects concerning volunteering and similar issues in order to enhance systematic cooperation.”

 September 27, 2018

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