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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Humanitarian Aid Trends Panel Held in IDME Expo 01 October 2013

(29 August 2013)
Humanitarian Aid Trends Panel held in II. International Disaster Management Expo in Istanbul to discuss the latest innovations in the world relating humanitarian trends.
AFAD Head of Information Technologies and Communication Department Yusuf UZUNAY made the opening speech and moderated the panel in which the founder of Al-Khair Foundation Imam Qasım Rashid AHMED, US Red Cross CEO Maria WHITE and Bangladesh Red Crescent Secretary-General Mozhorul HUQ participated.
Yusuf UZUNAY briefed the attendees on Turkey’s humanitarian aid missions in Somali and Myanmar at the beginning of his speech. He continued by highlighting the high standards Turkey achieved on population movement from Syria to Turkey.
UZUNAY underlined that Turkey does not provide only basic humanitarian needs of Syrians but also social and psychological needs as well. He remarked that the Syria Crisis is not only the responsibility of neighbouring countries and international actors should be involved more in solving the crisis.
UZUNAY, saying that management of the camps which are bigger than many Turkish cities, is a very difficult task, added that ‘AFAD manages the camps quite well by coordinating related institutions and NGOs.’
The Founder of Al-Khair-Foundation Imam Qasim Rashid AHMED pointed out that despite fast development of the World, humanitarian aid efforts are lacks behind. He said that ‘increasing the coordination among countries can help for more effective humanitarian aid works.’
US Red Cross CEO Maria WHITE remarked the importance of sharing the experiences in the panel and expressed her content on attending to it. She highlighted the significance of implementing of technology in disaster management.
Bangladesh Red Crescent Secretary-General Mozhorul HUQ summarized his country’s disaster management model and stated that: “The management of disasters cannot be responsibility of one country. International knowledge sharing is essential in overcoming the disasters.”
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