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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

AFAD's President in Dominic with Deputy Prime Minister 18 November 2013

(17 November 2013)
Deputy Prime Minister H.E Beşir ATALAY and President of AFAD Dr. Fuat OKTAY went to Dominican Republic to attend the Third International Conference of HOPEFOR Initiative.
Hopefor Initiative actualised in 2011 in consequence of joint attempt of Turkey, Dominican Republic, Qatar and with the support of United Nations. The first International Conference of HOPEFOR Initiative performed in Qatar in 2011, the second Conference hosted by Turkey under the coordination of AFAD performed in 2012 in Antalya.
Deputy Prime Minister H.E Beşir ATALAY and President of AFAD Dr. Fuat OKTAY will make speech in the conference which will be held between the dates of 18-20 November 2013.
Turkey’s international humanitarian assistance works, developed strategy and model by Turkey about humanitarian assistance, civil-military cooperation, situations of Syrians who had to flee from their country are among the subjects which will be argued.
Within the scope of the conference, memorandum of understanding will be signed about cooperation in disasters between Turkey and Dominican Republic.
How HOPEFOR Initiative Actualised?
President of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Abdullah GÜL suggested to generate “Global Rapid Response Capability” in the 65th session of United Nations General Assembly to reduce and remove the negative effects of disasters rapidly. Turkey, Qatar, Dominican Republic actualised HOPEFOR Initiative with the support of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to strengthen coordination of civil military cooperation at national and international level about response to disasters.
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