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AFAD President Guest Of Leading U.S Think Tanks, Holds Meetings In Washington 30 April 2015

AFAD President guest of leading U.S. think tanks, holds meetings in Washington

AFAD President Fuat Oktay, held a series of meetings during a visit to Washington, as a guest of leading U.S. think tanks. In a speech at the Atlantic Council, Oktay described all the extent of services provided by AFAD to Syrian guests, including housing, healthcare, education and social activities. “We expect more support from the U.S. government and NGOs on the areas of education and health in order to help Syrian people to continue their normal life,” Oktay said.

The President of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), Dr. Fuat Oktay, held a number a meetings during his Washington visit as a guest of the Turkish Heritage Organization (THO), a U.S.-based Turkish NGO, and the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA). Oktay, who attended the events organized by THO and SETA, provided information about the current situation and human crisis in Syria as well as Turkey’s assistance for Syrian guests.

During a meeting at the Atlantic Council, one of the most prestigious think tanks in the U.S., Oktay said Turkey has provided a number of services, particularly healthcare and education, to 1,8 million Syrian guests with biometric registration both at and outside of sheltering centers. “We expect more support from the U.S. government and NGOs in order to overcome difficulties and help Syrians to continue with their normal lives,” Oktay said, noting that the refugee flow from Syria to neighboring countries was still very high and Turkey was hosting almost 2 million Syrians.

During the opening speech of the meeting, Former U.S. Ambassador to Ankara, Francis Ricciardone, has praised the sacrifice shown by Turkey for refugees. “This meeting will contribute to raise awareness about the services provided by Turkey’s to Syrians in the American public opinion and prepare the grounds for a closer cooperation,” Ricciardone said. Representatives of NGOs who took the floor during the meeting highlighted that Turkey had created a very strong system to provide the needs, adding their intention to pursue their assistance work.

The meeting at the Atlantic Council was attended by several representatives of NGOs including, THO President Halil İbrahim Durmaz, Deputy Director of the Directorate General of Press and Information Hamza Taşdelen, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration Kelly Tallman Clements, UN Refugee Agency representative Brian Hansford, USAID official Jeremy Konyndyk, US House official Andrea Koppel as well as journalists.

AFAD President Dr. Oktay also attended a series of events at the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), U.S. Department of State and Georgetown University as part of his Washington visit.

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