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AFAD Assists Yemeni Refugees In Djibouti 26 May 2015

AFAD Assists Yemeni Refugees in Djibouti

AFAD delivers four tons of medical supplies to Djibouti, which hosts thousands of refugees from Yemen.

Ankara, 26 May 2015 – The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of Turkey (AFAD) continues its humanitarian relief efforts in Djibouti, where more than 150.000 displaced Yemenis are grappling with harsh living conditions. Later today, the agency will deliver four tons of medical supplies to refugee camps in the Obock area.

Once delivered, the supplies will be stored at a centrally located hospital in the capital, AFAD relief workers on the ground reported on Tuesday. Upon completing necessary medical inspections at the camps, Djiboutian authorities will deliver medications to individuals in need.

Making a statement about the humanitarian crisis, Djibouti’s Minister of Health, Dr. Kassim Issack Osman, welcomed Turkey’s ongoing efforts in the region. “A number of countries, including Arab governments, promised to assist our country, but Turkey has been the only country to take concrete steps [to address the situation],” Dr. Osman said on Tuesday. “The Turks visited the refugee camps even before myself.”

In addition to ongoing humanitarian efforts in Djibouti, AFAD relief workers have taken necessary steps to deliver 2400 food boxes to displaced Yemenis stranded in nearby countries including Somalia.

According to reports from the region, a significant part of the Yemeni population suffers from food insecurity due to additional restrictions on air and sea travel caused by military operations and violent conflict.

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