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Nearly 300,000 Refugee Children Back in School 16 November 2015

Nearly 300,000 Refugee Children Back in School

An AFAD-led education drive in Turkey facilitates the return of nearly 300,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugee children to school. The authorities aim to reach a total of 460,000 children by year’s end.

Ankara, 11 November 2015 - A nationwide education drive, which the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has been coordinating since September 2014, made it possible for close to 300,000 refugee children to continue their education at temporary protection centers, Turkish schools and education centers accredited by Turkey’s Ministry of Education.

As of November 2015, a total of 9,369 Arab teachers educate refugee children, who receive instruction in accordance with their native country’s curriculum. As part of its open door- and temporary protection policy, the Turkish government covers all expenses related to the education of school-aged Syrian and Iraqi children in the country.

AFAD, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, aims to reach 460,000 refugee children by the end of 2015.

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