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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Scullery Containers Sent To Mardin 30 May 2013

(29 May 2013)
9 scullery containers which were provided by Japanese Government and International Organization For Migration (IOM) sent to Mardin in coordination with AFAD.
The press conference was held in AFAD for the containers which will give service to Syrian Citizens in Mardin-Midyat Accommodation Center which has been building by AFAD.
Director General of AFAD, Dr. Fuat OKTAY remarked that there are 17 accommodation centers in Turkey for the Syrian Citizens, Mardin and Malatya accommodation centers’ construction have been going on. Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY said that, there are 195.000 Syrian Citizens in camps and approximately 300.000 Syrian Citizens outside of the camps. AFAD shows maximum effort to give the best service for Syrian Citizens.
Director General also said that, AFAD has been giving service above the world standard and there is no problem in the camps. Dr. Fuat OKTAY contunied his speech as follows:
"AFAD prepared a system to distribute humanitarian aid outside of the camps reliably. It is like the system used in camps. There is no such a using system in the world including United Nations. System was presented to United Nations. We got everybody’s ideas and system has been used for 2 months.
This system brings together systematically the people who want to receive support and who want to aid. Thanks to this system, the problems of the people who live outside the camps will record and system will be updated perpetually. By virtue of this system, grantors can follow who received their aid, how and when their aid used perspicuously."
International Organization For Migration (IOM)Chief of Mission, Meere SETHI thanked to Turkey and Turkish People care of AFAD because of showing generosity, hospitality and support to hundred of thousands Syrian Citizens who were affedted by internal conflict in Syria for over 2 years.
Meere SETHI emphasised that, as part of United Nations Regional Response Plan and in response to Turkey’s demand of last year, International Organization For Migration (IOM) and AFAD are in cooperation since internal conflict started in Syria.
SETHI also said that, I will be very happy if these symbolic and modest scullery containers which have supported by Japanese Government will develop the live conditions of Syrian Citizens in camps.
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