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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

AFAD sent 10 Ambulances to Camps Where Syrians Live in 05 June 2013

(April 18, 2013)
Accommodation, food, health and education needs of Syrians in 17 camps in 8 provinces of Turkey are met by the coordination of AFAD. In Syrian camps, ambulatory care service is offered 5 thousand per day on average. So far, 1 million Syrian citizens were treated and more than 3 thousand childbirths were given.
In order to contribute to health services provided by AFAD and Ministry of Health, a cooperation protocol was signed with “Saudi Arabia Humanitarian Aid Union for Syria” on September 28, 2012. Within the scope of this protocol, 10 ambulances provided by Humanitarian Aid Union were sent to their regions with a sendoff ceremony. 4 of the ambulances will serve in Sanliurfa, 4 of them will be in Kilis and other 2 ambulances will serve in camps in Gaziantep.
Dr. Fuat OKTAY, Director General of AFAD; Yahya KAHTANI, Consul of Saudi Arabia and Khaled EL-SELAM, Representative of Saudi Arabia Humanitarian Aid Union were attended the sendoff ceremony of the ambulances.
Director General of AFAD Dr. Fuat OKTAY, said that “this relief effort has been continuing for two years as if it was the first day by the instructions of our Prime Minister ERDOGAN. Turkey implemented the open door policy for humanitarian relief to Syrians and continues to help.”
Mr. OKTAY pointed out that the biggest amount of donation had come from Saudi Arabia and it was $ 50 million cash aid. He said “Now, Union has donated 10 ambulances that will serve in our camps under the control of Ministry of Health. Approximately 161 thousand of people are benefit from hospitals in the Syrian camps. These ambulances will be used for transportation of both wounded Syrians came from border and patients go from camps to hospitals.”
Consul of Saudi Arabia Yahya KAHTANI said that there was a very strong relationship between Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the relations between the two countries was progressing in every field, especially in humanitarian relief.
Representative of Saudi Arabia Humanitarian Aid Union Khaled EL-SELAM said "Saudi Arabia, provided 10 ambulances to help Syrian brothers as a result of coordination of AFAD and Saudi Arabia Humanitarian Aid Union. I want to thank the people and the State of the Republic of Turkey for their support for Syrian citizens.”
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