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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Officials Visited our Presidency 01 April 2013

(12 February 2013)

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Atta Al-Manan BAKHIT, OIC Secretary-General's Humanitarian Affairs Advisor Dr. Abdurrahman A. AL SWAILEM and the Deniz Feneri Association Secretary-General İbrahim ALTAN visited our Presidency and spoke to our Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY at his office.

Response Department Head Fatih ÖZER, Presidency Advisor Turan ERKOÇ, AFAD Assistant Experts Dilayda Gizem ÇELİK and Makbule YALIN were also present. Saying that AFAD has played a very active role in the Syrian crisis, the OIC officials stated that they wish to communicate and cooperate with AFAD in situations requiring humanitarian aid, such as the Syrian crisis. Expressing that they had also visited the other countries neighbouring Syria and seen the problems experienced there, the officials emphasized that Turkey has so far been coping very successfully with the current situation, and added that the real purpose of their visit was to get information on how they could help the Syrians in Turkey.

Thanking them for their efforts regarding Syria, the AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY said we were ready to cooperate in all areas as AFAD and Turkey. Stressing that the Syrian issue was an ongoing process, AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY highlighted that the problem could not be solved with a one-time-only cooperation or assistance. Saying that they have launched campaigns to send aid directly into Syria, the AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY added that the aids made at ground zero were important in preventing Syrians from leaving their countries.

Underlining that the number of Syrians trying to take refuge in Turkey is increasing daily, the AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY said that, in order to solve this problem, they would be switching to the logistic camp practice in all the camps, which has already been started in the pilot region of Kilis. Saying the the OIC could sponsor any project in any area they want, the AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY described the project areas when assistance was needed as follows: building and operating a new camp, ambulance procurement, hospital and school building, and fire extinguisher procurement.

Saying that all these information are very novel, the officials added that they would work on the suggested areas and inform the relevant countries of the OIC.

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