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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Visited our Presidency 01 April 2013

(15 January 2013)

Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason KENNEY visited our Presidency, meeting with our Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY at his office.

The talks revolved around the aids for Syrian citizens living at the camps erected by our Presidency.

Expressing that Turkey and Canada could cooperate in many areas, our Director General spoke as follows:

"Turkey endeavours to do the best it can to help the Syrians. We see Syrians as our guests".

AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY said Turkey's help was oriented to facilitate the life of the Syrians, and went on as follows:

"Currently, we have 14-15 camps. Two more camps are being erected. We can cooperate on many things".

Pointing out that AFAD is a very extensive organization, our Director General said, "AFAD takes care of all the needs of the Syrian guests, especially in humanitarian matters. We have realized a number of projects in the camps".

Saying that they could help with the projects carried out at the camps and with regard to transferring humanitarian aid to the Syrian side, our Director General spoke as follows:

"Bread is a basic need. Bread is much needed in Syria. We can cooperate not only in providing food and clothing, but also in building new camps, hospitals and schools".


AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY was asked by a journalist about the fire breaking out at the Telhamut Camp located in Şanlıurfa, Ceylanpınar, and replied that the fire had broken out despite all the precautions taken. AFAD Director General said the Syrian guests had been given radiators to prevent any possible fires, and added:

"Yet, despite all these precautions, the fire broke out because of the carelessness of the camp guests or because they wanted to burn different things. The culprit of today's fire is a hookah. The fire started due to hookah pipes being smoked inside the tents. The camp management and officials were not aware that hookah pipes were being smoked".

Also giving information about the number of Syrian citizens, our Director General said, "The number of our Syrian guests has reached 155 thousand. Moreover, we have around 100 thousand living outside the camps. Overall, currently there are 250 thousand Syrian guests staying in Turkey".

When asked about preparations for our Prime Minister's visit to the Islahiye camp, our Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY said, "We are always prepared. We provide all services all the time. Our Prime Minister will see the current situation when he visits".


Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism KENNEY said he visited the camp where Syrians are staying and was very much impressed, adding that the services delivered were miraculous. Emphasizing that Turkey was making a tremendous effort in this regard, Minister KENNEY said Canada has been helping, through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to those running away from violence in Syria and taking refuge in Jordan and Lebanon.

Minister KENNEY said joint works could be done with Turkey, and added: "Yesterday, we announced that we could contribute $1.5 million to the Turkish Red Crescent. The Foreign Affairs Minister said we could talk to you about how we can help Turkey".

When a journalist asked what kind of assistance they were planning to extend in addition to the $1.5 million, Minister KENNEY replied as follows:

"Canada is one of the biggest contributing countries. Canada has given Syrians $23.5 million in aids. We know Turkey faces a big burden. And we are looking for ways to help Turkey in dealing with this burden. When I return to my country, I will tell our Prime Minister about the aids extended by Turkey and we will try to support your country in this regard."

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