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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

EU Training Held At Our Presidency 01 April 2013

(26-28 December 2012, Ankara)

Countries applying for membership to the European Union and having their membership officially acknowledged are provided some financial resources for the political, economic, legal and administrative measures that the country must take to ensure alignment to the EU acquis.

During our candidacy programme, our Presidency has made various initiatives knowing that some of the projects aiming at mitigation of disaster risks, building the disaster awareness and resilience of the society and ensuring that the country is prepared for disasters, all projects carried out as a major element of sustainable development and in line with our Presidency's modern disaster management approach.

To ensure that these EU-funded projects are carried out in a more effective and results-oriented manner, officials of the Ministry for the EU gave our personnel a three-day training seminar on Financial Cooperation with the EU and Project Cycle Management on 26-28 December 2012.

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