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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Photography Exhibition on 13 October, International Day for Disaster Reduction 13 October 2012

(13 October 2012)

The 13th day of October is celebrated by the United Nations every year as the "International Day for Disaster Reduction” . On 13 October, various activities are carried out around the world to reduce disaster damages and create awareness in communities abut how to prepare for disasters.

We are living on a geography that is much affected from disasters, shortly a high-risk geography. We know that natural events cannot completely be prevented; but we can reduce the damages of disasters by taking the appropriate measures. With the purpose of creating a disaster-resilient society, various projects are being carried out by our Presidency as to develop the precaution and damage-mitigation culture in the society, accelerate training activities, make use of modern technologies and communication facilities, develop local, regional and international cooperation, and realize sustainable development and sustainable environment systems.

In this scope, on 13 October 2012, AFAD organized a photography exhibition with disaster photos at the Cepa Shopping Centre.

Ankara Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate's search & rescue teams also participated in the event with their rescue dogs and equipment.

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