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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

International Disaster Management Exhibition Opens 21 November 2012

(22-24 November 2012, Istanbul)

The exhibition promoting the equipment and measures to be used before and after disasters in Turkey, a high-risk region for earthquakes, opened in Istanbul.

At the exhibition and conference organized with the support of our Presidency and opened by our Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY, many governmental and private agencies and organizations as well as NGOs participated with their dedicated stands, including the Istanbul Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate.

Opening at the exhibition centre of İstanbul Fuar Merkezi, the International Disaster Management Fair hosted many national and international companies and organizations.

In addition to the teams of governmental and non-governmental organizations taking part in search and rescue operations, the equipment and personnel used in the operations were also showcased for the first time.

AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY made the opening speech, in which he said that Turkey has started to learn its lessons from disasters and informed that AFAD teams had certificates conforming to international standards.

Our Team at International Standards

AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY said that Turkey has started to gain more awareness after the series of disasters hitting the country. Stressing that this is done with the influence of public support and a strong political stance, Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY spoke as follows:

“Both the political cadres and the NGOs are included in this awareness-building. In this sense, one of our greatest works was to decide on what should be done to be prepared before disasters, in stead of acting solely on concerns about what to do after a disaster happens. That is how we determined our own mission. At first, we started to develop our own internal standards and make the initial preparations to make Turkey prepared for disasters".

AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY went on as follows:

“With the participation and support of all the Ministries, our Presidency has prepared a National Response Plan that defines, in the manner of a master plan, the disaster and emergency response works.

We have created a temporary accommodation area capacity for use in disasters and emergencies, with shelter for around 200,000 erected for the Syrian citizens and the survivors of the Van earthquake.

‘Tent-city Erection and Management Standards’ were developed with regard to the areas where more than 120 thousand Syrian citizens are living in the camps we have erected since April, 2011 .

In this regard, we have achieved a level beyond the international standards.

As of 2012, our 13 organizations responsible for UDSEP-2023 have started their work. The first strategy plan in our disaster management history, UDSEP-2023 covers all stages of disaster management.

Together with UDSEP,

a) The “Urban Transformation Law” came into effect.

b) The Disaster Insurances Law" started to be implemented.

c) MTA “Active Fault Map” was renewed.

d) UDAP “National Earthquake Research programme" was launched.

e) “Project to Produce Integrated Disaster & Emergency Maps" was started.

In the area of disaster management;

Increasing the resources allocated from state funds to mitigating disaster risks, strengthening the powers and capacities of local governments, and increasing cooperation and awareness-raising activities with non-governmental organizations are all examples of the steps taken by our government in reducing disaster risks.

To support all these works, our first International Disaster Management Exhibition, organized by TRİO Fuarcılık, proved to be a very important organization in terms of disaster preparedness, awareness-raising and keeping the disaster phenomenon on the agenda.

The fair fills an important gap as it brings together citizens and the companies, public agencies and relevant NGOs working in the disaster field.

Hence, I would like to thank the TRİO Fuarcılık management and all the governmental, non-governmental and private organizations contributing in the exhibition, and hope that the panels, meetings and other activities organized during the exhibition with the participation of universities and academics will contribute to building a strong disaster awareness in our public.”

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