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News that Military Training is Delivered at the Apaydın Tent-city is False 20 May 2013


(27 August 2012)

AFAD has established a total of 8 tent-cities for those coming from Syria, with 5 camps in Hatay, including the Apaydın camp, 2 in Şanlıurfa, and 1 in Gaziantep, as well as 1 temporary admission centre in Hatay and 1 container-city in Kilis.

The news appearing in the media that Turkey has suspended all entrances from Syria do not reflect the truth. Admissions can sometimes take time due to official procedures such as security and ID checks, registration works etc. On the other hand, our humanitarian aids, commenced at point-zero last week by Prime Ministry's AFAD and the Turkish Red Crescent continue, and the Syrians waiting at the borders are provided with aid supplies such as food and water.

Since April 2011, more than 110 thousand Syrian citizens have taken shelter in the camps.

All accommodation centres except for the Apaydın tent-city have been opened to the national and international media as well as the official delegations, and have been visited by many members of the press and foreign missions.

Recently, there are news stories appearing in the media and claiming that Syrian rebels are being trained in the tent-city of Apaydın and that the camp is controlled by the Syrians, which do not reflect the truth. As in all accommodation centres, the tent-city of Apaydın is managed and coordinated by AFAD in general and by the Provincial Governor's Office in the province. In this sense, the information that the camp's management is in the hands of the Syrians is untrue.

The accommodation centre of Apaydın is not a military training camp as claimed, but a tent-city where soldiers and their relatives stay. The families staying at the Apaydın camp do not wish to see anyone so as not to compromise the security of the families they have left behind in Syria.

The tent-city of Apaydın is no different than the other camps. All of the guests staying in all of the accommodation centres, including the Apaydın camp, are treated according to the Turkish Penal Law in case they commit a crime. Syrians staying in all the camps, including the Apaydın camp, have no immunities.

The entrances and exits of the Syrians staying at all the accommodation centres including the tent-city of Apaydın are subject to the necessary security and control practices. Hence, the stories that the Syrians stay at the accommodation centres during the day and pass onto the Syrian side during the night do not reflect the truth.

The story that AFAD Director General Dr. Fuat OKTAY was contacted to request permission to enter the Apaydın camp, and that such permission was withheld by the Director General are not true. The AFAD Director General has not been contacted about any permissions to enter or about any other subject.

Hereby respectfully announced to the public.

Press and Public Relations Consultancy

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