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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority

Another 59 Tones of Humanitarian Aid Has Been Delivered to Somalia 22 May 2013

(26 June 2012 Tuesday)

Humanitarian aid has been sent to Somalia via coordination of AFAD which organise institutions, NGO’s and private sector like Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Presidency, ASELSAN (a Company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation) and Turkish Airlines. An air freighter that belongs to Turkish Airlines took off with 59 tons of humanitarian aid which costs 5.2 million Turkish Liras from Ankara Esenboga Airport on 26 July 2012 Tuesday at 01.00 am and has been delivered the humanitarian aid to the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu same day at noontime.

Humanitarian aid package which involves nourishment, medicine, clothes, drilling equipments, communication equipments and communications technique team also consists of 400 unit of computers and 100 unit of printers.

The sum of humanitarian aid which got Somalia has been reached tons of 22.234 that costs 99.3 million Turkish Liras with last aid package.

Hereby respectfully announced to the public.

Press and Public Relations Consultancy

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