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Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority


TAMP: Turkey’s National Disaster Response Plan (Türkiye Afet Müdahale Planı),  a new approach in disaster and emergency response. Now, we are more prepared for disasters and emergencies.

TAMP includes public institutions, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and real people that would have a role in an effective response in the wake of disasters and emergencies of all types and scales. It features a modularly structured system created with an integrated planning approach to minimize operational risks during a disaster response.

The major associates working in coordination with the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in TAMP with interoperability at the forefront are:

At the national level: the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Health, Energy and Natural Resources, Environment and Urban Planning, Family and Social Policies, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and Finance, as well as the Turkish Red Crescent …

At the local level, in the provinces under the provincial disaster response plan, it is the local agencies of the same institutions within the coordination of the provincial disaster and emergency agencies under governorship.  

With TAMP, the answers of who will do what during any disaster and within which response organization have already been determined.  There are a total of 28 service groups created according to the nature of the services provided during the response.  

TAMP defines the roles, duties and responsibilities of every service group and coordination unit taking part in disaster and emergency situations, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, fires, industrial accidents and mass influx, taking into account their field of expertise, and determines the basic principles of the response plan in all three phases: before, during and after a disaster.

The IT background of TAMP: the Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES) is a web based information system where all authorized institutions can manage their resources, and so it enables faster coordination through joint decision support mechanisms via its communication network.

One of the factors that support TAMP is the 22 Logistics Warehouses(or Centers) built all around Turkey to transport temporary housing and shelter equipment to the disaster zone in a timely manner. A truck can be dispatched from a warehouse in a matter of minutes and the equipment can be tracked and controlled remotely.

Training and tabletop exercises are held at all levels all over Turkey on a regular basis to ensure the operability of the system and to increase public awareness.

For all types of disasters and emergencies, the fast, effective and comprehensive response organization provided by Turkey’s National Disaster Response Plan will:

  • Save more lives in a shorter time over a wider area
  • Carry out responses in a faster manner with an effective use of resources
  • Minimize social and economic losses
  • Return people’s interrupted lives to normal as soon as possible

Turkey is now more prepared for disaster and emergency situations with the National Disaster Response Plan.