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Turkey Most Generous Country in the World 27 June 2016

Development Initiatives, a U.K.-based platform monitoring humanitarian aid across the world, released a report on Monday announcing Turkey as the country that gives most to people in need compared to its gross national income.

The Global Humanitarian Assistance Report also shows Turkey's assistance to Syrian refugees on its own territory made it the donor contributing the second largest amount last year, while the United States contributed most to the international humanitarian aid by government donors by giving almost one-third of all international humanitarian assistance among them. The United Kingdom and other countries in Europe follow the two as top donors in 2015.

Turkey's humanitarian assistance reached $3.2 billion from $1.6 billion in 2014 and the country's increased international aid efforts granted it the third place for the third consecutive year starting in 2013 in the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report. Turkey gave the most humanitarian assistance as a percentage of gross national income at 0.37 percent the report shows, and it was followed by Kuwait and United Arab Emirates at 0.33 and 0.25 percent respectively.

The report shows the international humanitarian assistance in total reached $28 billion last year from $25.1 billion in 2014. Turkey's humanitarian assistance makes up 11 percent of the total aid.

Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA) and The Turkish Red Crescent the spearhead Turkey's aid efforts both within the country and in more than 140 countries. In line with Ankara's humanitarian diplomacy, TİKA quadrupled development aid from $85 million in 2002 to $3.59 billion in 2014 and will further boost it. AFAD, an agency previously focused on natural disasters, improved its services for refugees and now runs refugee camps for Syrians and is praised for their facilities. The Turkish Red Crescent, which mainly operates within Turkey, recently expanded its aid efforts to countries such as Pakistan, Chad, Haiti, Libya, Somalia, Myanmar, Palestinian territories, Mauritania, Senegal, Niger, Bosnia and Herzegovina and many others, providing shelters, food aid, medicine etc. to people affected by disasters and conflicts.

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